Women Unite

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During Women’s History Month, NordicLA will host the “Women Unite” Song camp. This event will shine light on the historically pressing female relevant issues that still exist today, and how we can stand together to tackle them. The songwriting camp will pair female thought leaders pioneering support of women focused issues on a global level from over 12 countries, to inspire an all women, global cast of top songwriters, producers and artists – to create music that matters! 

“We at NordicLA feel that contributing our support toward a balanced music industry where every gender, race and nationality have the opportunity to thrive is essential for the evolution of art and culture. Our hope for the Women Unite song camp is to empower women talent and thought leaders that we strongly feel need to be heard.” – Kristian Riis, CEO & Founder of NordicLA

The five day camp will be executed through NordicLAs virtual format, including three talks with thought leaders sharing their inspirational, hard, thought provoking and sometimes heart wrenching stories in hopes that our talented team can channel those energies into meaningful pop songs of power, survival, pain, victory, strength or wherever their heart leads them. 

We feel that by opening a dialog and sharing extraordinary stories from people at the forefront of the issues will inspire amazing music.

“One of the most significant ways we can transform our world is by bringing women together. This camp is an incredible way creating community among women from different backgrounds and careers which will catalyze positive change in the world.” Marie Berry, Ass. Professor – University of Denver

The camp will consist of contributors such as: 

Nikka Costa – Artist

Eva Gardner – Bassist (Pink, Cher, Mars Volta, Gwen Stefani, Moby, Tegan and Sara, Veruca Salt)

Marie Berry – Thought leader, Associate Professor – University of Denver (expert in woman in politics in post-war countries)

Sophie Simmons – Artist

Maria Wye Berry – Documentarian (Spycraft, Killing Pablo, Targeted, Guests of the Ayatollah)


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