creating communities that transcend borders & activate change.

NordicLA activates business by connecting creatives
and building bridges for international opportunities.
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What is NordicLA?

NordicLA creates success stories for brands and creators by using the Nordic approach. This means exploring cross-industry partnerships, less hierarchy, and thinking outside of the box.

Through multidisciplinary collaborations and live events we build relationships between unconventional partners - commercial brands and creators, the public sector and entrepreneurs, artists and investors. We unite people's minds and hearts across cultural borders through co-creation and dialogue.

How we operate:


Our network includes both local and international creatives, innovators, & organizations


We seek out partners for meaningful, value-aligned collaborations


We help creative businesses achieve their goals & bring awareness to new innovation  

connecting creativity

NordicLA facilitates communities of creative entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders. Together, we can create the change we want to see in the world.
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Why community?

We believe in the investment of creative minds for a better tomorrow. By making the voices of artists, innovators, and outcasts heard, we aim to find the answers to today's societal challenges. Art is a universal language we use to provoke dialog.


We facilitate conversations using art as a means of communication, where we meet in a common place to establish relationships and collaborations that are fruitful and meaningful. We use creativity to inspire and build bridges between cultures and places. Together is the way forward.

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Our activities are inspired, activated and executed by a powerful network of creative minds around the world united in collaboration and fueled by inspiration.
We are a large network of leading music industry professionals working in Los Angeles and beyond including Music Producers, Songwriters, Recording Studios, Music Licensing, Record Labels, Publishers, Touring and Events Specialists, Performance Venues, Radio, TV, Film, Advertising, New Media, Promotional and more.