Create 17

17 songs / 17 Films / 17 Art events
Musicians, Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers… Creatives inspire change. Let’s unite to inspire change in support of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We Empower and showcase creative people worldwide to inspire actionable change.

Musicians, Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers…

An image can tell a thousand words

A song can launch a cultural revolution

A film can reveal a truth that re-shape an industry

Nothing like culture unites humans across nations, class and ethnicity.

We have created a physical “soapboxes” in which artists can stand to share their art interactively. These mobile spectacles provide a steady stream of social media and art content to expand our message, as well as a platform for artists to produce their work in an inclusive way. Among our activations are two Dynaudio-produced recording studios, where we will host “Desert Sessions.” These songwriting and recording sessions will include A-List to independent music makers creating short music based films and songs in support of the UN Goals. These films will premiere at all of the UN associated events for leaders in both politics and big business. The first film was introduced at the UN Global Assembly in September 2019. We will be building similar mobile attractions to support both visual media like film and gaming as well as physical art such as painting and sculpture. There are no borders for our activations, so they will travel globally to include people from all walks of life, in every region imaginable. We have made a 10 year strategy – 17 events per year around the world, targeting artists that do not have access to professional production facilities – culminating in 2030 with an international festival gathering artists and followers from all over the world