Creative Industry Events

NordicLA Creative Industry Events was a series of consecutive events, 4 events in Denmark and 2 events in LA in 2019. The events brought Danish creative SMEs and the more established companies together regarding the commercialization of the creative professions, knowledge sharing and bridge building between Denmark and the US market.

Creative Industries Events

NordicLA Creative Industry Events was a hub for creative entrepreneurs and SMEs who have international ambitions and would like to showcase their business to potential partners including investors in the Danish business community and international high profile people from LA / USA. It was also a place where the creative companies and business-oriented artists had the opportunity to meet both the more established and experienced culture entrepreneurs and advisors from The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Denmark, The Growth Fund and Ministry of Culture. One could also meet the more traditional companies that were curious on how to collaborate with such cultural companies.

It is NordicLA’s ambition to raise the level of possible export of the creative industries. The goal is to see exports of creative culture-based industries on the same level as other export industries in Denmark. Match Danish cultural companies with American like-minded companies at a high level international level in connection with the already existing Danish export promotion system and other current and future other Danish growth boosters.

As part of the process, the collected knowledge was shared to all contributors so they could get more knowledge of the field of tension between companies and artists – and at the end of the event we collected the overall knowledge in a short report.

If you should be interested in the final short report contact Christian –