Music Industry Talks

How to hack the new normal
A series of conversations between Danish and American creatives, which will inspire musicians to look ahead and act in the ever-changing music industry.

Music Industry Talks - How to hack the new Normal

Listen to the Music Industry Talks talks here.

Musicians need to stand together and inspire each other when things look tough

The Corona pandemic has turned all Danish musicians upside down. This summer’s festivals and concerts have been canceled and replaced with quarantines and social distance. It has left the music industry a whimsical place between powerlessness and an abundance of contemplation, reflection and new exciting ideas.

To help Danish musicians get the best out of the difficult period, NordicLA has gathered some of the most interesting and imaginative Danish and American producers, musicians, and creative industry people for a talk about acting in a chaotic time.

“We hope that we can help show the way for Danish musicians who feel like acting and pushing the courage to act rather than wait. That is why we have reached out to the industry people that we look up to and that we look in the direction of when things look tough. We would like to share this with the rest of the Danish musicians, ”says Kristian Riis, founder of NordicLA.

From Nelson Can to Beyoncé

The five conversations are moderated by producer, host, and partner in NordicLA, Dylan Berry, who talks to both new up-coming artists and experienced in the industry during the five conversations.

In the first episode, Grammy winner and music director in Saturday Night Live, Eli Brueggemann talks with Signe Tobiassen from the Danish rock band Nelson Can about how you have to spread your talents to survive in an industry that is challenged more than ever .

In the last episode, the American DJ Swivel, who has produced for Beyonce and Kanye West, among others, talks with the Danish manager Christian Skjølstrup, who works with Moody and Malte Ebert about honesty, TikTok and the authentic in the music industry.

According to Kristian Riis, the conversations should lead to Danish musicians standing together and seeing opportunities and ways to go in an impassable landscape of changed conditions, where outside help is difficult to see.

“It is crucial to be inspired by the most talented industry people in Denmark and the USA if we want to find a way forward. My own experience as a musician in Nephew has repeatedly shown that if the industry closes in on itself, bands and musicians are left in the dark. The future is uncertain, and we want to help inspire musicians and music lovers to look ahead and see opportunities in this challenging time, ”says Kristian Riis.

Listen to the Music Industry Talks talks here.

The five talks are produced and curated by NordicLA and presented in collaboration with Royal Beer and TAK ROCK.