NordicLA Achitecture & Design Week

Combining architecture & design
By combining architecture and design, NordicLA offered a unified experience exploring how the disciplines can benefit from each other.

NordicLA Architecture & Design Week

Scandinavian design has a proud history and a lot to offer. In 2019, NordicLA invited 4 nordic architects and designers as well as 4 design companies to Los Angeles. All to bridge the Danish and Californian architecture and design scene through a week of inspiration, talks, showcases, and site-visits to architectural gems in Los Angeles and the launch of Ark Journal Vol. 2.

The week brought creatives and more established firms together on the following:

  • The commercialization of design and architecture
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Bridge-building to the American market.

Attending the week, the participants gained the following:

  • A strengthened network in Los Angeles. 
  • A chance to showcase their potential to an international audience/segment. 
  • To test their abilities by being face to face with an international audience/segment. 
  • Concrete experience and knowledge about the American market.

The Nordic Architecture & Design week was created in collaboration with &Tradition, Utzon Center & Ark Journal.