NordicLA Music Summit

Connecting top Nordic and U.S. Industry Professionals
NordicLA invites leading Nordic and US industry professionals to join forces and accelerate growth, unity, and business opportunities across borders.

NordicLA Music Summit

In 2021 NordicLA launched its first version of the NordicLA Music Summit; a new virtual networking event to create direct relationships and new business opportunities between top industry professionals from the five Nordic countries and LA.  

The NordicLA Music Summit is by invites only, and with limited passes. In this way, we make sure that everybody has something valuable to bring to the table. Particularly unique to this summit are the individual meet-and-greet programs based on matchmaking. Furthermore, NordicLA schedules and facilitates meetings and matches participants on their respective needs and wishes for the summit.

NordicLA Music Summit 2021:

The summit consisted primarily of individual meetings and smaller group discussions, all pre-arranged. 17 group meetings and more than 170 individual meetings took place during the summit. 

In Addition, the NordicLA Music Summit also hosted 2 talks and 1 panel:

  • Talks: Artist Management with Wendy Ong, President at TaP Music (Dua Lipa, Lana Del Ray, Ellie Goulding, etc.) hosted by Dylan Berry from NordicLA.
  • Talk: New Income Opportunities with Edgel Groves (Director of A&R SoundCloud), Jeff Cheen (The Pacific Coast Group) hosted by Dylan Berry from NordicLA.
  • Panel: Women in the Music industry with NordicLA’s Project Manager, Caroline Ravn joined by summit-participants Gabi Kochlani (Senior Director, A&R at Universal Music), Celine Høie (Project and Social Media Manager at Indie Recordings), Julia Bratland (A&R & Product Manager at Universal Music) and Kim Wagenaar (Music & Production Manager at Peer Agency). 

Wendy Ong
Edgel Groves Jr.
Jeffrey Cheen
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NordicLA Music Summit 2021 was funded by KODA.