NordicLA invites leading Nordic and US industry professionals to join forces and accelerate growth, unity, and business opportunities across borders.

If you are a top professional music industry professional and interested in this summit contact Caroline at before March 15th to see if there are any tickets available. 


Presenting: NordicLA MUsic Summit 2021

Exciting things are happening in the Nordic music industry! Within the last couple of months professionals from the music industry in the Nordics have been introduced to a new virtual networking event that emphasizes creating direct relationships and new business opportunities. 

April 27th and 28th NordicLA will curate a community of top music industry professionals from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Los Angeles to come together for a two-day B2B summit. The event will support professionals in Music Publishing, Artist & Label Services, Management, Marketing, Promotions, Distribution, and other industry hot points through a series of one-to-one meetings, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities.  

"In recent years, the creative industries in the Nordic region have received a lot of attention internationally, and especially from the USA. The Nordic LA Music Summit will be an important contributor to bringing together a Nordic industry, to collectively gather experience, strengthen networks, and lay a foundation for how we can stand stronger together and have a greater impact on the American market. I am sure that over the next few years, NordicLA Music Summit will develop into an important contribution to linking the creative industries in the Nordic region and the USA." 

Johan Husvik-Olaussen, Head of Sync & Licensing at Arctic Rights Management

individually curated meetings

NordicLA will work with each attendee to design a meet-and-greet program that suits their business objectives. Furthermore, we schedule and facilitate all meetings and matches attendees based on their respective needs and wishes for the summit. In other words, NordicLA will plan, set up, and curate the entire schedule for the summit - yet still allow time for spontaneous meetings. 

CEO and Founder of NordicLA, Kristian Riis, says:

“NordicLA exists to enable unity across the Nordic music industry whilst strengthening its ties to the Entertainment Metropol Los Angeles. I am highly convinced the NordicLA Music Summit will do exactly that, and non the less accelerate growth and lay the foundation for highly valuable business opportunities and potential future partnerships''   Kristian Riis, CEO NordicLA


"We have long lacked a structured way to create business opportunities at the highest level with other countries, so for The Bank, the NordicLA Music Summit is an initiative we welcome with open arms. If we can meet potential partners with real opportunities for collaboration with both Nordic colleagues and LA in an online format that does not require the same time or finances as in the “old days”, it can be important and valuable for the entire industry."

Jakob Sørensen (CEO & Founder) - The Bank

Relevant program

While music conferences are often open to the industry as a whole, NordicLA Music Summit is by invite only + a max of 20 participants per country. The project manager of the event, Caroline Ravn, says about this: 

“There are so many great initiatives for the upcoming music scene, so we wanted to create an event for the top professional layer of the business. Something to develop and gather even the most experienced people in the industry for deeper discussions and further professionalization.”  Caroline Ravn, Project Manager NordicLA

To make the program as relevant as possible the NordicLA team will not make the program before all participants have been found. Only then will they tailor an individual meeting program for each participant based on what kinds of people the participant wants to meet and what topics they want to engage in. The matchmaking will secure that participants only spend their time on people and topics of actual relevance to their professional needs.

If you are a top professional music industry professional and interested in this summit contact Caroline at before March 15th to see if there are any tickets available. 

The Event

NordicLA Music Industry Summit is a virtual conference, with the vision to reinforce the foundation for creativity and output of Nordic musicians outside the Nordic. In its first edition, the summit is focusing on buyers & sellers of music publications.

At this summit, you'll be introduced to a entirely new way of networking, forming lasting relationships, and building new businesses opportunities globally.

During the three day-summit 250 carefully curated delegates from the Nordics and LA engages in a program consisting of individual pre-arranged meetings. 

Our delegates are only the very best of their respective fields - Whether it be publishing, supervising, or producing music. You'll meet people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland AND the US.

Our program consists of 70% curated and facilitated meetings and 30% keynotes, panels, and talks with leaders from the music industry and related industries. See our program on the left.

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Curated Meetings

At NordicLA Music Industry Summit, you won't have to hang out at a bar, hoping for the right opportunity for a business meeting. At NordicLA Music Industry Summit, we'll carefully select meetings for your schedule.

But how?

Through a data pool consisting of over 300.000 social media outlets, surveys, and interviews, our summit analyzes the participant’s needs and wishes to set up relevant individual meetings.

Each participant can expect 2-4 pre-arranged meetings every day, and each meeting will be kicked off by a NordicLA facilitator. For every meeting, a transparent agenda will be presented as well.

But why? 

In creative industries, and especially the music industry, we see a tendency to make decisions based on gut feeling and intuition. This is great - but we want to innovate and utilize the tech available today.

At NordicLA Music Industry Summit we'll try to push the industry towards a more data-based and methodical approach by using data for our matchmaking of participants and their meetings.

“Bringing together the top level of the music industry is bold and needed. I think we need to connect way more here in the Nordic than we do, and I am excited to see what opportunities the summit can bring for me and the artists I work with.”

Birk Storm, Founder at Junobird  

Who can I meet?

At NordicLA Music Industry Summit, only top-level industry professionals will attend. Here's a list of who you'll probably meet (Indsæt en masse store navne herunder): KAN VI VÆRE SÅ FRÆKKE?
Xandy Berry
(Miley Cyrus, Zella Day, Rolling Stones)

(Grammy Nominated Producer - Diplo, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez)

Dylan Berry
(Producer - Imagine Dragons, Deadmau5, Spankrock, The Living End)

Kristian Riis
(Top selling Danish artist, Nephew, co-owner of Volcano)

Ryan Thomas
Manager - Party Favor, Wuki)

Barry Rawshawn
(Mixer - Rihanna, Drake, JUICE WRLD, Meek Mill)

Christoph Andersson
(Multiplatinum producer: G Easy, Selena Gomez)

Bishop Lamont
(Artist - L.A. Music Staple - Dr. Dre, Warren G, XHibit)

Gabi Kochlani
(Sr. A&R Universal Music: Alesso, Chantelle Jeffries)

DJ White Shadow
(Producer - Lady GAGA)

Mike Polcino
(Director of The Simpsons)

Vic Manzano, Vic Portillo
(SM Entertainment)

Eduardo Ribiero
(Capitol Records)